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July, 2022

My 1st music album is a tribute to the infinite power of love. Featuring a collection of timeless love songs, this album is all about celebrating life and its most beautiful moments. From the joys of dreams and courage to the magic of love, this album is a true celebration of all that makes life worth living.



Dec. 2023

FUTURO, which translates to "Future" , embodies the essence of this musical journey. In crafting this album, I carefully selected beautiful songs that serve as a soundtrack for healing, energy, and motivation. Each track holds a special meaning, and my sincere hope is that they become a meaningful part of your future. Join me on this musical exploration, where each note is a step towards a brighter and more inspired tomorrow. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I can't wait for you to experience "FUTURO." Remember, the future is now, and it sounds incredible!

FUTURO  website cover.png
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