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        Qin Fan was born in Shanghai, China in 1991 where she developed her love of music at an early age when she began playing the piano at the age of four.  It wasn’t long before she started performing in public, and soon went on to win several national piano competitions in China including Hao Shi Jia Cup (2000), Shanghai Grand Theatre in (2000), and Spring of Shanghai (1999).


         At the age of 10, she was accepted into the prestigious Music Elementary school affiliated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where she was ranked at the top of her class and surprised all of her teachers by continuing to test out of her classes and move up to levels far beyond her age group.  It was therefore no surprise when she was one of the few accepted into the middle school as well, which was also affiliated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


         In 2007, Qin visited the United States where she received and Honorable Mention of the Louisiana International Piano Competition.  She moved to Chicago with her parents in 2009 when she received a partial scholarship to study piano performance at the Jacobs School of Music at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, under the tutelage of Evelyne Brancart and Karen Shaw.  She has also taken masters classes with Phillip Kawin, Haesung Park, Alan Chow, Yoshikazu Nagai, and Winston Choi.  She continues to do well with her studies, maintaining a 3.9 GPA, and being honored as a recipient of Founder’s Scholar at Indiana University.


         She has been invited to make a special appearance in a performance by The Moving Dock Theatre Company in Chicago in Jan. of 2011, and was also very involved with volunteer work on music in order to pass her love of music on to the younger generation.


         In Sept. 2012, Qin was invited to perform in 98.7 classical music radio in Chicago and was praised by her sensitive musical feeling and refined technique. The year after that, she started her master degree of piano performance and performer’s diploma at Indiana University Bloomington where she began teaching as an piano AI, which allowing her passing her passion and knowledge to students from different age groups with various educational background. During the years at Indiana University where she studied and pursued her music career, as a performer, Qin gave many solo recitals as well as collaborative recitals which she played with cellists, violinists, singer and other instrumentalists. She’s now primarily expanding her career in Chicago area as well as overseas in Asia. 

      To listen to Qin's piano performance, you can find her on Youtube HERE  or listen to it under page MUSIC 


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