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Adult group piano class

Qin started teaching adult piano group class as an associate instructor back years ago when she was still a student in college. She teaches all levels of students from beginner till advanced level. With her practical and professional teaching style, it's no longer a dream for adults to play beautiful piano music.


We offer different group piano courses based on different levels. Each course is limited to 8 students and runs for 12 weeks. Our instruction model includes a combination of lecturing, teacher's demo, students' hands-on and 1 on 1 tutoring. Each class runs for 50 minutes weekly via Zoom. 


Single class: $45

5 class package: $215

10 class package: $440 PLUS a free trial class


For those who purchase class 10 pass, tuition payment  and registration is due by March 31st, 2022.


For those who purchase single class or 5 class pass, tuition payment and registration is due 24 hours in advance of class days.


To register, please scroll down to the bottom of page.

**The registration fee and tuition are non-refundable and non-transferrable to a different person or semester.  

2022 Spring Class Schedule 

Piano 101


Classes start the week of April 4, 2022, runs once a week. If there's any holiday/religious observations, class will be rescheduled and notice will be given out in advance.


Mondays,      6pm- 6:50pm


Piano  102


Piano   103



Which level should you take?

Piano 101: Students have zero knowledge of piano who have never taken piano before, or individuals who have taken piano a long time ago but don’t remember much.

Piano 102: Pianists with some piano background who can play early elementary level pieces with hands together (e.g. knowledge of 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures, staccato, legato, basic dynamics, five-finger patterns, etc.).

Piano 103: Pianists with some piano background who can play elementary level pieces with hands together (e.g. knowledge of rhythmic values that includes eighth notes, chords in the left hand and melody in the right hand, etc.).


Materials Needed

  • Electronic piano/ 88 weighted keys keyboard/ Upright piano

  • Electronic device that allows Zoom calls and can be placed near your keyboard/piano ( Ipad, Iphone, Laptop etc.)

  • Levels 1-3:  Alfred's Piano 101, Book 1 (Blue Cover) 

  •                     Alfred's Piano 101 POP Book 1 (Blue Cover)

  •                     Alfred's Self-Teaching Adult Piano Course

  • Notebook, pencil


  • Upon completing the registration form, you will receive an email and invoice for tuition payment and next steps. The registration fee and tuition are non-refundable and non-transferrable to a different person or semester.  

Materials and Online Access

  • Students are responsible for acquiring an instrument for practice. An upright piano, or a 88 keys weighted keyboard are all recommended. More information will be provided via email after registration. 

  • Students must purchase their own books. The books are available to purchase through Amazon. Link will be provided via email once registration is completed. 

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that their WiFi connection and electronic devices can accommodate Zoom calls. 




  • Students are expected to practice regularly throughout the week. Minimum of 30 minutes per day is strongly recommended. PRACTICE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR ON PIANO LEARNING SUCCESS!!!


  • There are no refunds or credits issued for missed classes due to absences or early terminations. 

  • The instructor will not make up the time missed in a situation where a student is absent or late to the class.

Register Now

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